Water Switch

Water Switch

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Designed for home owners and using the proven WATERMARK sensor, this simple device “controls the controller” so that watering is only allowed when necessary based on soil moisture status. One sensor and an adjustment range designed specifically for turf grass make this an affordable and simple way to make any controller with “sensor” terminals a Smart controller.

WaterSwitch Features:

  • Simple to install on new or existing systems
  • Easy to adjust
  • Requires only one sensor
  • Only allows watering if the sensing area actually requires water
  • Four selectable moisture levels cover the range required for turf grass
  • No need to re-program controllers for different seasons
  • Pays for itself in water savings

WaterSwitch Control Module — WS-1

  • COMPATIBILITY: The WS-1 requires a “sensor” port or wire connection on the irrigation controller. It will work with normally open or normally closed switch requirements. The WS-1 can be used in combination with other climatic sensors (rain, freeze, etc.). The power source must be constant (not switched).
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Input voltage – 24 volt AC
  • WIRE LEADS: 20 AWG x 12 in. (30 cm)
  • 7 leads — 2-sensor, 2-power, 3-switch (normally open/closed)
  • MATERIALS: ABS plastic case with encapsulated electronics for
  • MATERIALS: outdoor operation


  • HEIGHT: 2 in. (51 mm) – 3.125 in. (79 mm) including mounting tabs
  • WIDTH: 2.125 in. (54 mm)
  • DEPTH: 1.250 in. (32 mm) including knob
  • WEIGHT: .438 lb. (199 g) — total kit weight includes one #200SS-X sensor
  • SETTINGS: OFF and 1 (wet) through 4 (dry)

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