The Irrometer, first introduced in 1952, has continuously been the leader with every exclusive feature symbolic to Irrometer allowing the instrument to measure soil moisture tension in all turf crops planted in coarse, free draining sandy soils where tensions above 30 cb are rarely expected and finer resolution near saturation is needed. Instrument is also suited for conditions where rapidly changing moisture tensions need to be observed.

When and How Much

Operating on the tensiometer principle, which is different from other systems which measure percent of moisture. Consisting of sealed water filled tube equipped with special vacuum gauge and porous tip that is installed in the ground at desired root zone depths. In dry sand, water is drawn out of the instrument, reducing the water volume and creating a vacuum which is registered on the gauge. Drier sand will indicate a high reading. Irrigation reverses this action. The vacuum created by dry sand draws water back into the instrument from the sand, resulting in lower gauge reading. The instrument is in effect a “dummy plant root” equipped with a gauge that continuously registers “how hard the roots are working”. A gauge reading of 50 indicates that the roots are extracting the same amount of moisture whether the crop is planted in sandy soil or clay soil. Due to the Irrometerʼs unique principle of operation, no calibrations are necessary under normal operating conditions for different soil types.

  • Hermetically sealed gauge, with moulded in diaphragm which keeps out dirt and moisture, also compensates for variations in temperature and barometric pressure.
  • Air free gauge, water seal prevents air entering gauge, gauge and chamber remain full regardless of water level in instrument.
  • Gauge readings 0 through 40 centibar readings in 1 centibar increments. (SPECIAL FEATURE) • Body constructed of tough durable plastic impervious to attack by chemicals or electrolysis. • Large cap for easy operation and better control assists with quick servicing. • All solvent welded joints are permanently leak proof.
  • Strongceramictipdesignedfor“quickflo”fastreponseandahighflowrate300%ofconventional tips. (SPECIAL FEATURE)
  • Threaded connection (uses ʻOʼ ring seal) for ceramic tip to instrument, allows easy storage of tip when not in use.
  • Ceramic tip colour blue.

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