Hermetically Sealed Pressure Gauges (7 Series)

Hermetically Sealed Pressure Gauges (7 Series)


Hermetically sealed pressure gauges are water tight, dust proof, shock resistant, have a 2 in. (51mm) shatterproof face, and are bottom connected with 1/4 in. brass standard pipe thread stem (NPT). Dual scale of P.S.I. and kPa.

Switching Gauge – is a pressure gauge with direct switching capabilities. Adjustable pressure selector may be set to any desired pressure. The switch will be closed past the setting to actuate connected device. Switch available for AC or DC power and also in reverse switch action (open past the setting). Switching position selected should fall in the center 1/3 of the gauge range.

Electronic Gauge – is a unique pressure gauge in that it can be manually read as well as automatically record pressure readings. It is an analog magnetic degree sensor that provides a voltage output directly proportional to the reading showing on the gauge. This signal can be read by most brands and types of data-logging equipment.


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